Under the Ground

Year 25 underground. 

The Kianams Malice left the area. There are no life signs remain, it's safe to go out.

For years I obsessively chased the sun, but the last few months made me numb. I've been disconnected from the world, from my friends, from the ones I swore to protect. But the hardest thing of all? The hardest thing was always the "wondering"... 

The question that arises every time is what with the world outside? Behind those boundaries!

Well... I tried to reach it many times since we were cast by the darkness.

The last message sent on his birthday. I wrote it a few years ago when I met DR.Horton. It might be a long shot but at this moment? I think everyone will be helpful.

I have a feeling he will notice this time. 

Full of hope, Clovers.

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