The Kingdom-Garden

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Once upon a time, in a faraway virtual dimension, there was a magical kingdom. Everyone lived in harmony; Magicians, Angels, Demons, Warriors and even the Giants.

It all changed 26 years ago when the beloved king “Orion” mysteriously vanished from the land. The whole Kingdom was shocked and helter skelter started to roam, the land couldn’t stabilize without a king! Waiting for the perfect moment, “Zodiac” the only prince crown appeared from the darkness to take what he belongs and to rule the entire kingdom.​King-Zodiac” destroyed every piece of hope in his subjects hearts. The wells were blocked, the lakes dried, Angels turned to Demons, light became dark, and all the "Pure Magic seemed to disappear. The new king commanded to capture all his opponents including the Creatures and the Makains from all around the land to the “Dungeon of Colonius”. Only some of them managed to escape. One of them was “Queen Meissa” who was necessary in her mind to save her only baby. The Queen took the secret path of the palace to meet “Rigel the Angelithian” the “Well Keeper’. Using the key, the two succeed to open the well’s portal, but their powers was enough only for one travel. Meissa ripped the crystals from her royalty necklace and with the help of Rigel crafted them with her glasses. “Zodiac’s Army of Demons” was closing on them, but the craft wasn’t done. Screams! the army is here! There is no time. Deimos the army’s chief, aimed a blast hit to destroy the portal, but Rigel jumped to absorb his attack and died protecting the well. The Queen took the crafted glasses, she put them inside her baby’s blanket and sent him through the portal. This baby was 4-BIT. Since then, there was no longer any way in or any way out to the “Kingdom Garden”.

Over the years, the “Royal-Guards“ secretly trained a resistance group that was consists of the survivors - the “Kingdom-Knights”. The mission was clear, vanish the Evil King at any price. Two years ago, the unbelievable happened. Two mysterious visitors arrived to the land, right to the hands of ”Clovers” the Royal-Guardian-Archerious”. The time has come. The war was massive, but eventually the “Kingdom-Knights”, led by the “Royal-Guards”, and the two mysterious men, vanished “King-Zodiac“ to the “Space of Silent Magic”.

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